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Technical Data

Property Test Method Mil Spec Min. Performance Test Results
Operating Temperature Range -65° C to 260° C -65° C to 260° C
Continuous Temperature Range -60° C to 200° C -60° C to 200° C
Cold Brittle Point -65° C -65° C
Hardness Shore A ASTM D2148 50 50
Tensile Strength, Min. ASTM D119 700 PSI 950 PSI, +/- 25 PSI
Elongation, Min. ASTM D119 300% 800%, +/- 50%
Tear Strength, Min. ASTM D624, Die B 85 ppi 85 ppi
Bond Strength, Min. MIL-I-46852 2 lbs 12 lbs
Cold Brittle Point, Max. ASTM D746 -65° C -65° C
Water Absorption, Max. MIL-I-46852 3% By Weight 3% By Weight
Dielectric Strength, Min. MIL-I-46852 400 v/mil (8,000 Volts/20mil) 400 v/mil (8,000 Volts/20mil)
All Technical Data testing performed by third-party facility: 2009 Imanna Laboratory, Rockledge, Florida

Standard Colors Available in 1” X 12’ X .020” (20 mil) Rolls:

Black, Red, Clear, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange

Custom Colors Also Available:  Iron Oxide Red, Gray, Brown

Industrial 2” X 36’ X .030” (30 mil) Rolls:  Black, Clear and White in stock, all others may be special order.

Custom orders available in triangular or rectangular cross section, with thicknesses available from .010” (10 mil) to .080” (80 mil), widths from ½” to 2”, and lengths from 12’ to 48’.

Rescue Tape is extruded of high performance silicone elastomer.  It is self-fusing, and cures at room temperature.  Its high thermal conductivity allows rapid heat dissipation, resulting in lower temperature rise.

Rescue Tape is suitable for use wherever a tough, high temperature (to 260° C), permanently resilient insulation or seal is required.  Properly installed, Rescue Tape provides a moisture-free permanent seal around hoses, fittings, tubes and wire harness bundles, offering low cost solutions to common problems in extreme environments.

technical data - rescue tape lineWe certify that Rescue Tape is manufactured to Military Spec: CID A-A-59163

(which supercedes MIL-I-46862 Rev. C 02-98)

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