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Pipe Repair

Rescue Tape Pipe Repair Tape is the ultimate pipe repair product available on the market today.  With a lab-tested tensile strength of 950PSI, you can easily repair pipes and hoses on industrial and household plumbing, cooling systems, machinery, and more.  Just stretch Rescue Tape, wrap it tightly around the leaky pipe or hose, and you’re RESCUED!

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Photos of Pipe Repair made with Rescue Tape’s Industrial size self-fusing silicone pipe repair tape:

Heat Exchange Pipe Repair

“This is a leaking 12” diameter heat exchange pipe in need of repair:”

Pipe Repair 1

“The leaking pipe has been successfully repaired with Rescue Tape industrial pipe repair tape, and holding strong at almost 300F degrees”

Advantages to Rescue Tape Pipe Repair compared to other Pipe Repair products:

  • Rescue Tape can be applied over any surface or pipe material, and even over a wet, dirty, greasy or oily pipe.
  • Rescue Tape can be applied UNDER WATER for submerged pipe repairs.
  • Rescue Tape is heat resistant to 500F Degrees (260C); repairs can be made while pipe is hot.
  • Rescue Tape fuses in minutes or even SECONDS, enabling you to repair pipes FAST and minimize downtime.
  • Rescue Tape can be easily removed by cutting, further minimizing downtime when a permanent pipe repair is being made.
  • Rescue Tape can be your quick “first response” pipe repair solution while alternative permanent repairs can be planned.

Instructions for a proper pipe repair utilizing Rescue Tape:

1.) Wrap Rescue Tape pipe repair tape around leaking pipe by stretching and overlapping onto itself. Stretch at least double to ensure a good bond; for high pressure leaks stretch to maximum amount. The tighter Rescue Tape is wrapped, the quicker and stronger the bond.
2.) Continue wrapping Rescue Tape around pipe by overlapping 50% onto itself so that ½ the width is covered with the next wrap. The first and last wrap should completely overlap onto the previous wrap for a complete bond. Additional layers may be necessary to repair the leak, and the same process should be used over the previous layers. Rescue Tape works on either side.  The more Rescue Tape that is wrapped around the pipe, the stronger the pipe repair.
3.) Repositioning Rescue Tape is only appropriate in the first few seconds after wrapping. Attempting to reposition Rescue Tape after 1 minute or longer is not recommended. Rescue Tape is not reusable; however, additional Rescue Tape can be applied over project at any time in the future.
Pipe Repair Directions

Additional Suggestions:
To repair pipes with higher pressure leaks, additional wrapping may be required. Most pipe repairs can be repaired successfully with 3-5 layers in thickness, and wrapping 3 to 5 inches in each direction away from the leak; however, additional strength can be added simply by wrapping more Rescue Tape.  In addition, the larger the pipe diameter, the more repair tape will be required.  Wrap Rescue Tape further in each direction from the leak on larger diameter pipes and hoses.

Rescue Tape Pipe Repair has essentially a “maximum” stretch. It is important to stretch Rescue Tape to its maximum to avoid having the leak create a bubble.

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