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International Silicone Tape Suppliers

This page contains a comprehensive listing of International Suppliers for Silicone Rescue Tape Worldwide.

Silicone Tape is sold under the award-winning Rescue Tape brand worldwide. Seal It Services silicone tape is the fastest-fusing and strongest silicone tape available on the market today.
Made to a quality level that meets and exceeds military specifications, our self-fusing silicone tape has been tested at over 950 PSI tensile strength, insulates 8,000 volts and resists 500°F (260°C). Using our proprietary blend of silicone elastomer, our silicone tape provides high performance results for a wide variety of consumer and industrial uses.

Please visit the website of the silicone tape supplier / silicone tape distributor in your country.

Rescue Tape USA / Canada

Rescue Tape Europe (Includes Austria, Denmark, France, Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Luxembourg, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands)

Rescue Tape Australia

Rescue Tape New Zealand

Rescue Tape UK – United Kingdom

Rescue Tape Mexico

Rescue Tape Malaysia (Includes Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei)

Rescue Tape Iran (Please contact our Malaysian distributor)

Rescue Tape Netherlands

Rescue Tape Deutschland

Rescue Tape Hungary

Rescue Tape South Africa

Rescue Tape Canada

Rescue Tape France

Rescue Tape Chile

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Silicone Rescue Tape is manufactured by Seal It Services, Inc. The world’s leading manufacturer of silicone tape.
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