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What if Your Temperature Gauge Spikes?

Rescue Tape was once again featured in Boat US Magazine’s feature: Ask the Experts! Any number of things can cause your engine’s temperature to spike. Some are a serious threat, others are not. The worst possibilities include loss of compression because of damaged rings or valves, lubrication issues, main-bearing problems, misfiring, and more. Any of […]

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Your Stories, from the Edge: When Isabel Came To Town

Rescue Tape was again listed as a proven life-saver for boaters in the newest edition of Boat US, Your Stories from the Edge. Twelve Lessons That Could Save Your Life: 1. When a hurricane is forming, assume it will change course several times as it approaches landfall. Do not wait; take evasive action immediately to […]

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As seen in the Boat US Cruising Log “Tom Neale’s Cruising for You”

“Neat Stuff” We’re underway heading south as I write this, and here are a few neat new things I’m using and liking this trip. Rescue Tape Recently I spent several hours with my butt in the air and my head and shoulders down a hole underneath the bed in the master stateroom. In case you’re […]

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