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Emergency Radiator Hose Repair

So you’re on the side of the road and there’s smoke billowing from your radiator…you’ve got a coolant leak. In this post, we’ll show you how to make an emergency radiator hose repair with Rescue Tape. So you’ve got limited options: Google “Tow Truck Company”, call, wait an hour, cringe when you pay $130 to […]

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Sportfishing Tape – ICAST

Rescue Tape is perfect for Sportfishing! Rescue Tape is ideal for many sportfishing applications, rigging, waterproofing electrical connections, hose and pipe repairs, wrapping around tool or toolbox handles, fishing rod handles for a nice tight grip, and all sorts of other uses! Use it just once and you’ll think you’re the next MacGyver! Just stretch Rescue […]

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What if Your Temperature Gauge Spikes?

Rescue Tape was once again featured in Boat US Magazine’s feature: Ask the Experts! Any number of things can cause your engine’s temperature to spike. Some are a serious threat, others are not. The worst possibilities include loss of compression because of damaged rings or valves, lubrication issues, main-bearing problems, misfiring, and more. Any of […]

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Rescue Tape Gets You Out of Nearly Any Bind

Silicone Rescue Tape was recently featured on LifeHacker’s “Stuff we Like” as an all-around multi-purpose repair product. Rescue Tape Gets You Out of Nearly Any Bind (Without a Sticky Mess) Duct tape is good for a great many things, but if you’re sick of the sticky, messy hassle, Rescue Tape is a pretty great alternative. […]

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