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Waterproof Tape

Rescue Tape is the perfect waterproof tape!

Made from silicone, Rescue Tape creates a waterproof silicone shield around any object.  Silicone Rescue Tape is ideal for:

  • Waterproof electrical connections
  • Seal and waterproof coax cable and VHF radio connections
  • Seal leaky pipes, plumbing and hoses for a waterproof seal
  • Wrap waterproof tape around a dressed wound on a temporary basis to keep the wound dry
  • Use waterproof tape for tying plants to stakes safely, since Rescue Tape stretches and doesn’t stick to the plant!  Also ideal for waterproof grafting.
  • Our waterproof tape is available in 8 colors:  Clear, black, red, yellow, blue, green, orange & white.
  • Use our clear waterproof tape for wrapping bar-coded and labeled items like wires, cables and more.

How does Rescue Tape work?

Just stretch, wrap, and Rescue Tape fuses to itself in seconds, creating a waterproof seal in less than a minute!

Rescue Tape ONLY fuses to itself, so there is no sticky adhesive or residue like other adhesive tapes or waterproof tapes.  Rescue Tape won’t stick to a flat surface, it can be used to waterproof any surface or material as long as it can be wrapped around the item.  It is ideal for protecting connections and fittings in the most extreme environments.

Rescue Tape is heat resistant to 500F degrees (260C), and flexible and waterproof even down to -85F degrees (-60C), and insulates up to 8,000 volts of electricity per layer.

When used for pipe repair, it can be applied while wet or under water on steam pipes, cooling pipes and hoses (and a variety of repair applications).
Our most popular color is clear (transparent), ideal for being able to visually inspect under the tape.

For SCUBA divers looking for underwater tape, Rescue Tape can even be applied under water. Visit our DEMA Page for more scuba-related information.

“We’ve used Rescue Tape down underwater…we actually used it to seal a hose that was cut while we were diving…got our diver up safe and sound!”