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Extreme Spotlight
Summer 2010

Attention DIY'ers and Tradesmen: You need some Rescue Tape.
Rescue Tape is a self-fusing silicone repair product that was originally used by the U.S. Military. Using no adhesive, this versatile tape-like product is easy to use on all sorts of jobs from plumbing to tool repair. You can quickly fix leaks on hoses, insulate electrical wiring, wrap damaged tool handles and more. The EHT Staff has used Rescue Tape to install drain pipes, to help repair patio furniture, and to seal an air compressor hose to an HVAC drain hose (so we could blast clean the clogged drain hose). The possibilities are endless. Simply pull the tape tightly and wrap back onto itself to create a strong, self-fusing connection. According to the manufacturer, Rescue Tape boasts a 950-PSI tensile strength, insulates 8,000 volts per layer and withstands 500 degrees of heat. It also remains flexible to -85 degrees.
Is your DIY project extreme? Tape it up with Rescue Tape!
Take your DIY Project to the EXTREME! Tape it up with Rescue Tape!
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